Hi! I'm Tanya I'm a Destination Wedding and Custom Portrait Photographer and also a self confessed shoe addict. Nothing helps me get through the doldrums of winter like a cute pair of shoes. I also have an affinity for fashion and big sparkly costume jewelry. I have a love-hate relationship with trees, grass and house plants. Most of them fear me because they know sooner or later I will probably unintentionally kill them. If I don't have my camera in hand I can usually be found watching football, at Starbucks, or randomly dancing somewhere (with or without music)

I find life to be full of colorful, joyous, and spontaneous moments that make every day a series of moments full of beauty and worthy of awe. When I was 11 yrs old I discovered that my camera became my greatest companion in capturing such moments. What began as a hobby quickly became a passion, and has led me to a successful career as a photographer.

I am currently based out of Albuquerque I love all that comes with the Southwest and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. 

I feel extremely privileged to be a part of such special moments in others' lives. I am constantly encouraged by the love that surrounds me. I absolutely love what I do!